Soma Electronic Music Studios is a professional recording facility owned and operated by John McEntire in Chicago, Illinois. 

The studio is a comfortable and unique space, featuring a vast range of audio devices and musical instruments. We offer the most popular and reliable platform for your project: Digidesign's Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel with 26 channels of input and 40 channels of output; as well as 1/2" and 1/4" mixdown options. In addition, many other software packages (Logic Pro, Live, etc.) are available to easily integrate your work. Our main studio features one of the most highly regarded analog consoles ever built: a newly refurbished Trident A-Range, one of 13 in the world.

All rooms are tied together with connections for audio signals and MIDI, allowing maximum flexibility during tracking and overdubbing.

Our synthesis, keyboard, and instrumental collections are diverse and extensive: modular analog synthesis solutions from Discrete Synthesizers (C.M.S.), ARP, and E.M.S.; keyboard-based synthesizers from Moog, Korg, and Oxford; and electro-mechanical keyboards including the Hammond A100 tone wheel organ, Hohner Pianet, and the Rhodes 73 stage piano, amongst many others. Our wealth of acoustic instruments includes a rebuilt 1927 Mason & Hamlin grand piano, as well as mallet percussion instruments by Deagan and Musser.

Please call 773-342-9964 for rates and availability.