Electrodyne ACC-1204 analog mixing console, equipped with 15 channels of 712L input modules (9 band passive graphic EQ); fully restored 2014
Great River MixMaster20 Analog Summing Mixer
Electrodyne E-802 8 channel line mixer

AVID Digidesign Pro Tools HD|Native Digital Workstation
24 channels of input, 26 channels of output
Digidesign 192 Audio Interfaces upgraded by Black Lion Audio
Ampex 350 1/4" half-track analog recorder (1954); fully restored 2013

ADAM Audio S-3A Mid-Field Monitors
Black Lion Audio Sparrow DAC
Goldpoint SA1X Balanced Stereo Level Control
Sennheiser HD280 Headphones
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

AKG C-414 TL-II (2)
AKG C-422 Stereo
AKG C-451/2 with various pads and capsules (6),
incuding B.L.U.E. Audio C-12 'Red' capsules (4)
AKG D-12
AKG D-112
AKG DX-11 with built-in "reverb"
Altec 201B
Audio Technica 4047
Beyer Dynamic M88 Classic (2)
Beyer Dynamic M160
Beyer Dynamic M380
Heil PR40
Microtech Gefell M294
Neumann CMV-563 with M7 and m55k capsules
Neumann M249b
Neumann M269c
Royer R121
Schoeps CMC6 (2) with various capsules
Sennheiser MD421-II (2)
Sennheiser MD441-U
Sennheiser MKH 40
Shure SM57 (3)
Shure SM-7a
Shure SM-7b
Shure SM-98 Beta
Sony C-37a (2)
STC/Coles 4038

Ako O-8 8 channel Microphone Preamplifier
John Hardy M-1 4 channel Microphone Preamplifier
Great River MP-2NV 2 channel Microphone Preamplifier
GML 2032 Microphone Preamplifier/Parametric Equalizer
SND FB14S Extended Range Stereo Fixed Filter Bank

Gates SA39 Broadcast Limiter
GML 8900 Stereo Dynamic Range Controller
ITA LA-1B Limiting Amplifier
MXR Mini Limiter (2)
SpectraSonics 610 Compressor/Limiter
Standard Audio Level-Or Compressor (2)
SPL Transient Designer 9842
Urei 1176LN Revision F Limiting Amplifier (modified by Alactronics)


AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb
Binson Echo-Rec Analog Delay
Eventide H3000S Ultra Harmonizer
Eventide H910 Harmonizer
Klemt Echolette II Tape Delay
Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delay
Marshall Time Modulator A System 5002
Marshall Time Modulator 5402
Multivox MX312 Multi Echo Tape Delay
"The Plex" Tube Echo Chamber
Sound Workshop 262 Stereo Spring Reverb
Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Distortion Unit
Ursa Major Space Station ST-282
Ursa Major Space Station SST-206

ARP 2600 (modified by CMS) with 3406 Duophonic Keyboard
CMS MC-24 Modular Synthesizer
EMS Vocoder System 2000
EMS VCS3 "The Putney" Modular Synthesizer with DK2 "The Cricklewood" Duophonic Keyboard
EMS Synthi A/KS Modular Synthesizer
Electro-Harmonix DRM-32 Digital Rhythm Matrix
Elektron SidStation 8-bit Polyphonic Synthesizer
Elka Synthex Polyphonic Synthesizer
EDP Wasp Monophonic Synthesizer
JoMoX AiRBase-09 Percussion Synthesizer
Roland SH-101 Monophonic Synthesizer
SND SAM-16 Sequential Analog Memory Analog/Digital Sequencer
Korg MS-20 patchable Monophonic Synthesizer
Moog MemoryMoog Polyphonic Synthesizer
Moog MiniMoog Model D Monophonic Synthesizer with oscillator sync modification
Moog/Realistic MG-1 Monophonic Synthesizer
Oxford OSCar Mono/Duo-phonic Synthesizer
Studio Electronics ATC-1 Monophonic Synthesizer with Moog, Arp, SEM, and 303 filter cartridges
Simmons SDS7 Brain

ARP/Eminent Solina
Chickering Grand Piano (1923, rebuilt)
Jennings Clavioline
Cymbals by Zildjian, Paiste, and Bosphorus (~40)
Dubreq Deluxe Stylophone
Farfisa Compact Duo
Fender Jazzmaster (1967)
Fender Mustang (1966)
Fender Precision Bass (1973)
Gretsch drums: 20", 13", 16" (mid 60's)
Grassroots Hammered Dulcimer
Hohner Combo Pianet
Jenco Glockenspiel
Ludwig drums: 18", 12", 14" (mid 60's)
Musser Model 55 Vibraphone
Rhodes 73 mark I Stage Piano
RMI Rock-Si-Chord
Snare Drums by C+C, Ludwig, and Lang Percussion
Wurlitzer Model 200a Electric Piano

Danelectro DM25
Emery Sound Superbaby
Fender Super Reverb
Gibson Skylark
Silvertone 1 x 10"
Victoria 45410 ('59 Bassman)
Victoria Regal (1 x 15")
ZVex NanoAmp